I Miei Viaggi Nella Tierra Del Fuoco.

By Alberto M. De Agostini

1928 Second? Edition

This is an odd printing of I Miei Viaggi Nella Tierra Del Fuoco. It was published in Torino Italy by G.B. Paravia in 1928. The text is in Italian. The book measures 197mm tall x 128mm and has 351 pages, 108 b/w photos, bibliography. This edition doesn't appear in any bibliographies that we have referenced. It is not even mentioned by the author in bibliographies that he included in his later books which are quite extensive noting reprints of his other books. The author's preface is dated December 1927, and there is an official "timbro dell'Autore" on the copyright page that has been numbered. The first edition of the book was also made in Torino but in 1923 and in larger format with cloth binding. This version is smaller and issued in paperback. This is the only copy of this 1928 Torino edition that we have encountered.

All editions (except german 1950s reprint) are very uncommon, even rare. Publishing history of de Agostiniís books is unresolved since his books were published in both Argentina and Italy, plus he self-published several versions of books. This copy has no edition information printed inside. Itís clearly a cheaper, smaller edition. The first edition was hardcover and had 3 times more photos. This edition has same text as first edition.

CONDITION: original white wrappers, color illustration front cover, brown lettering cover & spine. light grubbiness covers, missing map? from rear sleave pocket (??? or something -- never seen an example of this book and the contents pages give no indication of what was in the pocket), publisherís stamp on dedication page, stamp "Il Pensiero Missionario" on top of front cover and on FFEP. Price: $125.

good book
front cover
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good book

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