Dr. Cook - Mt. McKinley Controversy Closed

Uncropped ‘Mountain’ Summit Photo Proves Cook Climbed Molehill Instead

Belmore Browne & Brad Washburn Vindicated

Cook-Defenders’ Star “New Evidence” Serially Suicides

This is a special issue publication written by Robert Bryce entirely on refuting Cook's claimed ascent of Mt. McKinley. The full title is Dr. Cook - Mt. McKinley Controversy Closed. Uncropped ‘Mountain’ Summit Photo Proves Cook Climbed Molehill Instead. Belmore Browne & Brad Washburn Vindicated. Cook-Defenders’ Star “New Evidence” Serially Suicides. It was published in Baltimore by DIO in 2000. It is a staple-bound stiff PB that measures 216mm tall x 137mm, and has 99 pages, 25 b/w photos, 10 photos of sketches from original diaries (Cook’s & Barrill’s, 1 by Browne), 2 maps. Heavily annotated, scholarly proof that Cook faked his ‘ascent’ to the summit of Denali. Some of the photos and the diary images have not been published elsewhere. This booklet comprises the complete “Special Double Issue” of the scholarly journal, DIO. This is a reprint of Volume 7 Nos. 2-3 of the journal. It was originally published in December 1997.

CONDITION: Original staple-bound stiff PB with black lettering front. Flawless new condition with no previous owner marks or writing on any pages. Price: $12.

good book
good book

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