Guide To The Paths And Camps
In The White Mountains. Part I.
[part II was never created]


The Appalachian Mountain Club



The very first issue of the AMC White Mountain Guide series

This is the first printing of the first edition. It was published in Boston by Department of Improvements of the Appalachian Mountain Club in 1907. It measures 14cm tall x 85mm and has x + 206 pages + several blank “memoranda” pages, one small in-text map and 2 loose folding maps. The book has two folding maps in cover pocket as called for in the table of contents: 1) Contour Map of the Southern Peaks and Vicinity, drawn by E Blakeslee (dated 1907); 2) Map of the Northern Peaks of the Great Range and Their Vicinity, White Mountains, N.H. by Louis F Cutter (dated 1908), scale 1:40000, Contour interval, 100 feet. This map was apparently inserted in place of the 1906 Cutter map titled Northern Slopes. I have seen several examples of this first edition with the 1908 Northern Peaks map instead of the 1906 map. My guess is that when the 1908 map came out, it was inserted in place of the 1906 map either by the AMC on unsold copies, or by owners who updated their books. The latter seems the less likely of the two since I have never encountered a copy with both the 1906 and 1908 maps together. It seems odd that the 1906 map would be discarded by the owners. I have never seen an example of the Cutter map that is dated 1907. On the table of contents page the Southern Peaks map is dated 1907. On the same page the Northern Peaks map entry has no date, which is odd. Perhaps the AMC anticipated the 1908 map but published the book before the map had been completed and used the 1906 until the 1908 map was produced.

CONDITION: original dark green buckram with map pocket and tuck-in flap + cloth pencil holder (no pencil present), gilt lettering & vignette front cover, TEG. light rubbing edges (loss of color), pages clean and maps are fine. Maps are clean and not torn. This is the best condition example of this 1907 book that I have ever seen. They are usually quite worn with faded gilt and spotted covers/spine. Overall the book is VG+ Price: SOLD.

front of book
title page

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