When the Corvette Uruguay Was Dismasted:

The Return of the Uruguay from the Antarctic in 1903


By [Hermelo, Ricardo S., José M. Sobral, Felipe Fliess.] (Gricelda and Lawrence Perales, translators; Michael H. Rosove, editor.)

2004 First Edition of 250 copies

This is the first printing of When the Corvette Uruguay Was Dismasted: The Return of the Uruguay from the Antarctic in 1903. It was published in Santa Monica by Adélie Books in 2004. The book measures 268mm tall x 192mm and has xi + 24 pages, 1 color plate & 2 photographs, bibliography.

This is an edition of 250 copies. From promotion for the book: “Most Antarctic polar buffs are familiar with the Swedish Antarctic Expedition of 1901-4 under the leadership of Otto Nordenskjöld, but because all of the primary sources are in Spanish and Swedish few are familiar with the interesting homeward-bound journey aboard the Argentinean relief vessel Uruguay. The ship was severely damaged in a storm north of the South Shetland Islands, and just what transpired between the Argentinean and Swedish staffs became a matter of intriguing controversy and pride for the Argentineans. The controversy ends logically and fittingly.

When the Corvette Uruguay Was Dismasted is an English-language translation of a rare pamphlet entitled "Cuando la Corbeta Uruguay Quedo Desarbolada" (Buenos Aires: 1946) that brought the controversy to light, together with an historical introduction and appendices containing the relevant, original Spanish and Swedish materials. "

CONDITION: original quarter violet-blue cloth, boards covered with handmade, green-gray, buff, and violet marbled paper, printed paper spine label, all acid-free materials. Flawless new condition (all copies issued without dust-wrapper). Price: $75.

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