Antarctica, 1772-1922: Freestanding Publications through 1999

By Michael H. Rosove

2001 First Edition of 500 copies

This is the first printing of Antarctica, 1772-1922: Freestanding Publications through 1999, the finest bibliography on the Heroic Age of exploration in Antarctica. It was published in Santa Monica by Adélie Books in 2001. The book measures 288mm tall x 210mm and has 537 pages, 10 plates (5 in color), index.

This publication is a Limited edition of 500 numbered copies, all similarly bound and signed by the author on the limitation leaf. From promotional description: “This bibliography is the latest word on Antarctica’s classical and heroic periods, the result of ten years’ research including the examination of private collections, booksellers’ holdings, and the repositories of twelve of the world’s most important libraries and archives, aided by bibliographies, twenty years’ booksellers’ catalogues, and computerized data bases. The bibliography contains many rare and virtually unknown publications and clarifies innumerable obscure points of interest. Included are all publications in the original language of the author and English-language translations. (Non-English translations are given in brief.) Given are all contemporary publications (prospectuses, narratives, science) and selected post-contemporary publications (memorials, diaries, autobiographies, biographies, analyses, bibliographies, references, humanities) in all identified editions, printings, and variants, with binding and collation details, bibliographical references, ISBN, rarity, original price, and referenced commentary. Less important post-contemporary publications are listed in brief. Author/editor, title, and subject indexes are provided.”

Extremely well reviewed by leading experts in the field, this is the best bibliography on the subject and a model for future, serious bibliographies in all fields. The extensive commentaries, clarifications, and effervescing minutiae make this more than a reference source, but a book to be read.

CONDITION: original quarter buffalo, linen-backed boards, gilt lettering spine, high-quality, acid-free papers, Smyth-sewn, headbands, without dust-wrapper as issued. Flawless new condition (all copies issued without dust-wrapper). Price: $250.

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